November 27, 2011

black friday buys.

I've never been into the whole Black Friday thing. Sure, I love a great deal, but I dislike crowds and waiting. Because Jeff and I didn't see anything we wanted to line up for, I convinced him to go to H&M with me at midnight. They were handing out scratch cards worth up to $300 for the first 100 people. I was praying we would be in the first 100 and we were - our scratch cards totaled $75 together! Along with presents for some family, we ended up purchasing some items for ourselves. What I got was the kimono, blazer, and cardigan seen in the first photo, and the bra on the left in the second. Our purchases came out to $125, but we only ended up paying $50 due to the scratch cards! Awesome. 

Since we were already at the mall, Jeff and I walked around some more and I ended up buying a couple things from Aerie - 40% off everything! The bralette and linen/air freshener was around $15 with the discount. I love how comfy bralettes are and I want to buy some more! And the "Suds & Kisses" scent is very nice.

Last thing from Black Friday purchases was actually purchased on Sunday, but it was the same sale. The flats with the chains are from Gap. I saw them online and was instant intrigued because they reminded me of those Lanvin chain flats Rosie Huntington-Whitely had been wearing a lot! I originally wanted the nude colored flats but they didn't have my size. But the black ones are nice too, right? Original price was $49.95, and they were 40% as well - so about $30 for those!

Overall, a wonderful first Black Friday experience!


  1. I like that cardigan! Not sure if I'm into elbow patches yet though.. and that bralette is cute too ^^ I want more!
    Ahhh I really wish I had gone with you guys :( boohoo

  2. @ Kathy

    Imagine if we won $300 @_@

  3. You guys really have the best deals! When it's a sale it's a sale in the USA. Whereas in Australia I sometimes question whether it really is.

    We don't have Black Friday I guess it's because we don't have Thanksgiving. The event which causes the large crowds and somewhat sales is Boxing Day sales.