August 08, 2013

daisy's girls.

Even though everything The Great Gatsby has been a little played out recently, it is still one of my favorite books! And here Wildfox Couture has done it again with another fun, creative collection reminiscent of the extravagant roaring 20's.

photo credit // ilovewildfox

July 25, 2013

wraparound terrace suite at the cosmo.

In Las Vegas, Jeff and I stayed at the glamorous Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino! Through Jetsetter, we booked one of their wraparound terrace suites at a discounted price. The hotel was perfect for us - mainly young adults, modern, and located right in the middle of The Strip. Our suite was nice and spacious, with amazing views, as you can see from the photos. I highly recommend the Cosmo if you're looking for a nice hotel in Vegas!

July 14, 2013

sin city.

It's about time that I made a blog post on our trip to Las Vegas last month! I am still trying to get into the hang of posting regularly again, as you can probably tell. Anyway, Jeff and I took a trip to Vegas to celebrate our five year anniversary! We did a lot of fine dining, sightseeing, and a little bit of shopping. I will do a separate post on our fabulous suite at The Cosmopolitan and possibly the purchases I made! I actually didn't take that many photos there so these are just some random ones. It was a fun but short trip, so I can't wait until our next vacation!

May 17, 2013

new camera, new outlook.

I recently purchased a new camera, which the Samsung Galaxy Camera. I had been thinking of getting a smaller camera for a while now because carrying a bulky DLSR around is just not ideal. So far I really like it! It's basically like an android phone, but without the phone features. I will do my best take more photos on a daily basis! 

Oh and here's a sneak peek of my closet - it's not quite finished, but getting there!

May 10, 2013

i said yes!

So...I'm engaged! Jeff popped the question last week in the Boston Public Garden with this beautiful ring he custom-designed himself! It's exactly what I always pictured my engagement ring to look like and I could not be happier with it. I have dreamed about this day since I was little and cannot wait to marry my best friend!  We have not set a date yet because I am planning on continuing college first. Nonetheless, I am super excited about wedding planning! 

P.S. This is my 100th post!

May 03, 2013

i'm back, yet again!

I know I have been inconsistent (to say the least) with blogging for the past few months, but I really miss it and I plan on posting regularly! There are no excuses I have to give other than my own laziness. I've given my blogger template a little facelift so there's the first step! 

I promise there will be more posts coming soon~

photo credit // hawaiiancoconut

March 06, 2013

black is the new black.

I have had this post drafted for a while so I thought I should just finally publish it. During the holiday season I was gifted a couple handbags for Christmas and my birthday! I am very lucky and blessed to be the proud owner of bags that have been on my wishlist forever. A big thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, and my sister too :)

1) Celine Luggage Tote 
2) Goyard Le Marquise 
3) Free People Bag
4) Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac 

January 14, 2013

sales & freebies.

There's been a lot of sales going on, which is great for my wallet and also makes me excited for spring inventory! A few things I bought last week:

1) Victoria's Secret was having a scratch-off promotion for college students where you had a chance to win a bralette or get a discount! Of course Jeff was lucky and got a winning ticket! I also picked up a bra from their semi-anuual sale.
2. I found this cute top browsing Urban Outfitter's sale section. Are spikes still in?
3. Also stopped by Sephora for their yearly birthday gift. Unfortunately I already have the Watt's Up! highlighter but free is free!
4. At Zara I bought these printed harem pants. I've been wanted a pair of printed pants for a while! They're a little big for XS but I'll make it work.