January 14, 2013

sales & freebies.

There's been a lot of sales going on, which is great for my wallet and also makes me excited for spring inventory! A few things I bought last week:

1) Victoria's Secret was having a scratch-off promotion for college students where you had a chance to win a bralette or get a discount! Of course Jeff was lucky and got a winning ticket! I also picked up a bra from their semi-anuual sale.
2. I found this cute top browsing Urban Outfitter's sale section. Are spikes still in?
3. Also stopped by Sephora for their yearly birthday gift. Unfortunately I already have the Watt's Up! highlighter but free is free!
4. At Zara I bought these printed harem pants. I've been wanted a pair of printed pants for a while! They're a little big for XS but I'll make it work.


  1. I really like the first photo ^^

  2. How do you like that mascara? I heard that it works really good, but I'm a little hesitant to try it being that mascaras all promote the same results.