December 22, 2011

even cowgirls get the blues.

No introduction needed - Wildfox Couture Spring 2012. I especially love Ali Stephens!

December 16, 2011

good things come in small packages.

The littlest things can brighten your day. Take for example, these heart-shaped sunglasses I bought off eBay for a mere $2. And I love how the neon panties I bought match perfectly with my neon nail polishes by American Apparel. It's no coincidence though - I have an obsession with neon right now!

December 15, 2011


I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I had won a giveaway via Marta's blog With Love Gabrielle! The prize was Vera Wang's newest fragrance, Lovestruck. It's a very nice scent and it doesn't hurt that the spokesmodel is one of my favorite actresses, Leighton Meester. Thank you so much Marta! Check out her blog here.

December 12, 2011

vs baked mineral bronzing powder.

A short post on the only thing I bought during my shopping trip yesterday, the Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder in Goddess by Victoria's Secret. I have no idea why I bought a bronzer when it's practically winter! Since I used a Secret Rewards Card that was $10, I only paid $7 for it. I like it well enough to blog about it.

December 08, 2011

hits the spot.

This morning I woke up before the crack of dawn for no apparent reason. Jeff had an errand to run at the post office but they were not open yet, so we decided to grab some breakfast. He chose The Spot Cafe, which we have always wanted to try but never have! Surprising really, considering it is located halfway between our houses. It's meant to be a French cafe, but their menu also had more basic breakfast items and even some Italian lunch options! Pictured above are a Belgian waffle, home fries, sausages, and french toast. All pretty yummy! Not to mention the place was decorated with cute teapots. Makes me wonder what real Parisian cafes are like - I can't wait until the day I find out.