October 14, 2012

sleek makeup reviews.

I have been trying not to buy too many beauty products because I just don't use them that often. But when I saw Sleek Makeup had come out with a bb cream, I just had to try it! If you haven't heard of Sleek Makeup, it's a drugstore brand from the UK! 

Blush by 3 in Lace - $12.49
I realized I had only been using cream blushes throughout summer so I decided to buy this palette with three shades! The individual shades (from left to right) are Crochet, Guipure, and Chantilly. If you are interested in swatches, there are photos available on the Sleek Makeup website. Overall I was happy with this blush palette because the shades are very pigmented and pretty. I will say that they are darker in real life than on the website so keep that in mind.

Be Beautiful Blemish Balm in Light - $11.49 
Ever since bb creams became popular in the US I have been trying out a few of them out. For the most part the ones available in the drugstores are very sheer which is fine with me. But for those who are looking for one with a little more coverage, this bb cream might be for you! It is thicker and more moisturizing than most of the ones I have tried. I think it will be a favorite of mine during the colder months. I was a little worried about the shades though because there is a huge jump in color from light to medium. I purchased the light because the medium was just way too dark looking and it turned out fine. It is a bb cream after all so it's not as obvious if the color match isn't perfect!

I'm definitely not an expert so I kept the reviews short and simple. Let me know if anyone has tried these products and recommendations for other Sleek Makeup products!


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  2. I really want that blush palette! the colors are so pretty :)