September 03, 2012

hello rilakkuma!

When I saw this plush Rilakkuma iPhone case, I couldn't resist! Maybe I'm a bit old for dolls but who cares? It is a little inconvenient though because the holes for the headphones and charger don't quite fit. But my biggest gripe is that there is no hole for the camera so I need to take the phone out of the case to snap a photo. I still love it though! If anyone else is interested in purchasing it, it's called the iDoll phone case - there's other character variations as well!


  1. so cute! love it! mine would get filthy very quickly though >.<

  2. omg this is exploding with cuteness!!! OMGOMGOMG i wish i could get my hands on one... hopefully they'll have the same cover when the iphon5 comes out!! It's like having a fluffy animal hug ur ear when ur on the phone! =)

    I am having a giveaway on my blog with beauty goodies from Asia. Hope you'll check it out ^_^

  3. My mind cannot comprehend the awesomeness of your phone case. It's like carrying a teddy bear around! So adorable :))