June 26, 2012

cali photo diary.

It's been a week since I got back from Los Angeles so I figured it was time for the obligatory blog post. Jeff and I had such a great time that we're seriously considering moving there! For now, here are some brief highlights from our trip!

1. Venice Beach 2. Coffee @ Dulce Cafe 3. Sunset Boulevard 4. Anaheim 5. Lattes @ Urth Cafe 6. Little Seoul 7. Santa Monica Beach 8. The Grove 9. Drinks @ Lemonade 10. Universal Studios 11. Disneyland 12. Fireworks @ Disney 13. Lunch @ Bottega Louie 14. Shamu @ SeaWorld 15. Dippin' Dots @ SeaWorld 16. Hollywood Stars 17. Ribs @ Phil's BBQ 18. Tea @ Half & Half 19. Irvine Spectrum


  1. wahhh looks so awesome! love your style <3

  2. I never saw this post I feel like. Have been waiting for you to post something since then.. lol. Love all the pictures! Your camera is soooo much better than mine. Time for an upgrade when I start working rofl. <3 JTrons