March 10, 2012

springbreak hodgepodge.

It was spring break this week - meaning a staycation for me. Even though there was no tropical getaway, I enjoyed it nonetheless. Here's some random photos I thought I'd share!

1. New shoes from Topshop, Forever 21, and H&M. It's a coincidence they are all tan suede.
2. I quite like the Marni at H&M shopping bag.
3. BLK Water. I don't recommend it.
4. Fried belly clams! Always reminds me of summer time.
5. New sunglasses from Monkipolitan.
6. A special edition cover of The Great Gatsby that boyfriend scoured the internet for!


  1. At first glance I thought the Topshop and the h&m booties were the same haha.

    1. I actually bought the Topshop boots from Fashion Toast! But then I saw the H&M ones and they were on sale too...

  2. oh, those shoes <3 :)

  3. Love those sunnies and the Great Gatsby book cover!