November 01, 2011

new in november.

I've been a little slow on the updates lately - nothing much has happened, even with Halloweekend behind us. Originally I had planned on dressing up, but the random snowstorm on the east coast changed my mind. 

Jeff and I realize we spend too extravagantly. Actually we always knew that but we never take it seriously because we like to enjoy ourselves a lot. So I decided to go on yet another shopping ban for this month. No personal purchases over a certain amount (so I can still buy magazines), and limiting the eating out as well. 

As well as limiting the money spending, I really need to get my act together in the area of school. The people close to me know how unhappy I was during my first couple years of college, and taking a break was a good idea. But I'm nearly 21 and would really like to get back on track with school and graduate! 

Well, here's to new goals for the month.
Words of encouragement would be appreciated!

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  1. You can do it Shirley!!! >:D
    How's that? Lol.