November 10, 2011

backstage at victoria's secret.

So the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was today, and I just spent the last hour looking through the threads on theFashionSpot. Now comes the waiting for the show to air on CBS...

1. Julia Stegner, aka my favorite model in the whole wide world, only got one outfit. She's always gotten two. I'm very disappointed.
2. Sui He walked for the first time this year and she looked gorgeous in her outfits! I was surprised at how pale she was, but nonetheless beautiful. I'm all for Asians on the runway.


  1. Wah Julia looks kind of old in that picture :/ Unflattering shot!
    Anyway yay for Asians ^^
    I want to start up a blog again.. but it's such a pain to remember to write D: haha

  2. I didn't really know how Sui was, but she is really pretty! Chinese?

  3. @Kathy
    She's almost 27 now, so I suppose that's getting a bit old? But she's been walking in the VSFS since 2005 so she should get more outfits! WAH.

    Isn't she? I think she's my new favorite.