October 26, 2011

style nanda.

A bit overdue, but these are the purchases I made from the online store Style Nanda! I was really excited about my purchases because they were items that I liked a lot. Don't you love the giant Rottweiler top? I got a oversized red cardigan because you can never have too many cozy knits for winter. I also got this bag that's very similar to the Rocco. They threw in a free nail polish in my order, which was very nice! The only downside is the shipping cost - $20 for purchases under $100, $10 for purchases under $200, but free over $200. The shipping was super fast though considering it's Korea, and I would highly recommend this site :)


  1. Ohhh I really want to order now but... $20 shipping!! Sob

  2. @Kathy
    I'll tell you the next time I order something and we can combine!

  3. Omg... why didn't I see this earlier
    I made an order late last night LOL
    -__- Kill me

  4. these purchases are awesome esp the Rottweiler top!


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