September 23, 2011

mm, steak.

Thursdays are a little bittersweet because although it signifies the beginning of the weekend, the weekend means I have to work. After sleeping in a bit today, Jeff and I went to the mall to browse and kill a time before going to see The Lion King in 3-D. I didn't buy anything though except for some frozen yogurt from Red Mango. We saw the movie, and I was glad it was pretty empty because kids in movie theaters can be annoying. Although there was a little Asian kid who started crying when Mufasa died that was so adorable! We went to eat dinner at Texas Roadhouse and got our usual onion blossom and 20 oz. rib-eyes, with delicious bread and sides, of course! I would share the photos I personally took but we were sitting next to some pretty ugly fluorescent light so they didn't come out so well. 

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